Do you want to make your own fabric print, make own curtains or fabric for your clothes from your own drawing?

Come to my atelier for 2 days workshop. I help you to make an original design and transfer the image in to a repeating pattern textile print.
We decide about sizes of the image and colors, we print it with sublimation printing technique.

I´m an artist living in Den Haag, after I graduated at Royal Academy of art 4 years ago. Before that I did internship at C&A in Dusseldorf in Germany as textile pattern designer. Originally I’m from Prague in Czech, where I studied Didactic Illustration. Nowadays I work with painting, sublimation printing, woven textile and music.

You are welcome in my studio space in Den Haag for 2 days workshop.  3 hours/day and it will open for about 5 people.

 The 6 hours workshop fee per person is 100e exclusive BTW

Workshops are STARTING in June 2019
– weekend workshop: 15.6.+16.6. 10:30-13:30
– after work/school: 27.6 + 28.6 about? 17:30-20:30

Its also possible to contact me and make some other date and time if more people interested day
we are working on drawing and painting the images for your textile. You can think of content of the images and story you want to show or on aesthetic part and colors. I have all papers and different types of colors for you. Than we scan the images for computer work. day we work in computer (in two groups or u bring own laptop). We work on colors, composition, sizes, repeating ornament in to pattern, test prints and try out on textile.

Than you can order any amount of your own textile.
15e/m + fabric that contains at least 50% polyester (more polyester, brighter the colors). I can arrange the textile or you can bring your own. The max. size of one print is 120 cm x 1000 cm. You can pick it up in 2-5 days after the workshop.

Looking forward for to work with you and see the results!
if you want to sign already as the space is limited, you can send me an email to:
*as the workshop is still ahead I would contact you 3 weeks before it starts with invoice and your final confirmation.

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