Parkour Shaman


I wanted to show a vision of a wild city person free even in the consuming yet empty city society. Vision represented by parkour athletes, musician Lyckle De Jong, video by Kolya Tirado and my textile pattern prints worn by them during this Den Haag city centrum performance.

I draw images for fabric pasterns I edited in PC program, and sew clothes. The images were based on a dialogue with parkour athletes, discussing Millennial generation city life. A factory to print it for me on natural materials of fabric (cotton and bamboo). The clothes was combination of sport man and shaman costume, as I wanted to find a balance between past tribe spiritual life and today man. I asked Lyckle de Jong to make a music combining electronic and acoustic elements to support this idea. The athletes and musician wore my clothes while jumping in front of shops in the city centrum accompanied by Lyckle live music. I hoped to inspire other consuming citizens to follow own wild way and fill their souls instead.

City shaman dresses, music performance and parkour was documented at: Turfmarkt in front of Albert, Grote Mark Straat in front of McD and at Grote markt square close by Haagse Harry sculpture to bring the inspiration to visitors of the shops, who might not be interested in art and were the most important target of the project.

I was very happy I could connect young professionals in their own field and we all would contribute to this plan. The performance was documented by Kolya Tirado, young videographer, who is interested in free-running and who tried to connect the video atmosphere with my idea and music. He made a short documentation and succeed to present Den Haag city in its mysterious and magic form.

Thank you Stroom Den Haag for supporting this project, thank you Jump-Freerun Ninja Academy for jumping, Kolya Tirado for video and Lyckle do Jong for music.