Kateřina Gabriel Konarovská

I was born 1988 in Prague, in Czech Republic, former Czechoslovakia. Since 2012 living in Den Haag, Netherlands.
I graduated in visual art at West Bohemian University in 2011 from Illustration, same year I moved to Germany and awarded an internship in C&A as textile designer in Dusseldorf. Year later I moved to The Netherlands to study fine art and graduated in 2015 from The Royal Academy of Art in fine art at painting department.

Long time ago I got strange feeling, that this reality is not really as we tend to think in Western mind set society. That was of course unpleasing so I was researching that.
The time for example. Like if it would be living animal changing the speed and trajectory.  Also places and it´s past events history would be influenced by that. Old cities, library, thrift shops, no matter how small they would be, they would be filled in by old stories, changing the time and in formations in the space. Another weird experience would be traveling, when even thought the body is already somewhere, one would need to be accepted by the invisible ghost of the city, made by all past and present beings together. Otherwise one might get lost or unlucky.
Lately I read and get interested in Chinese I Tjing perception of cause and effect phenomena (2000 .B.C.) I Tjing looks beyond time and space of linear sequences of time. It perceive life organically where cause and effect relationship is synchronicall and events intertwined in many layers.
Artists often feel that, without knowing those texts. For example Richard Weiner, Jewish-German writer living in Czech (1884-1937), is also proud to be a “flow” of non linear consequences. Only the fear from unknown (controlling) made the big force of Western mind to think it’s hand what will happen the next. After all that’s the main plot of Russian writers Michail Boelgakov (1891-1940) novel The Master and Margaret, when the devil discuss this with socialistic writer who thinks he knows how is his day going to go.
Related aspects are broadly described by famous Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) in his Unconscious description (where night dreams medium of our soul belong to as well). Lately I was strike by books from American therapist James Hillman (1926-2011), when he says that the person was already born in its own perfect self (seat) as a complete being. When childhood stories are already reflecting and showing the full potential and ones mission.
Hey, but it also means there is no need for our modern busy competition. You are already done. Consider that.

Therefore I believe that power of artist is in the deepest subjectivity beyond theories, religious or scientific truths. Nowadays we are over killed by information, ads, solutions and advice’s. I believe its time to slow down and ask your body, soul and intuition what is your next step. Its step out of boredom, distances, tiredness or even drug abuse. So many boring discussions you might have in your job, because one can’t act freely, say the opinion loud or not even knowing to have on.

I like to use different forms, while painting is the main one, appearing again in other playful interactive languages of textile patterns, glaze ceramic and tapestry. I’m writing and performing this experience with  MARIA .  I’m balancing invisible experiences and dreams overlapping with ordinary or scary moments and social taboos. I´m collecting layers of our modern folklore in the city and nature.

Besides that I co/organize group exhibitions (in Den Haag, Rotterdam and Prague) and biennale art-music festival Itch Tongue. I try to be active in atelier building De Besturing, lately I did artwork infiltration in the city, atelier presentation, audio performances, I received studio visits (from Stroom, Unfair, Glasgow International, galleries and artists). I do workshop for KABK young talent now for 2th time. I exchange knowledge with other members of the building (embroidery technology, textile prints and I’m starting to learn and experiment with glaze and firing).


upcoming and current:
2020 25.9-19.10 Expoplu experiment, Nijmegen, Residency and duo cooperative-show with Chritine Ayo, opening with MARIA music performance
2021 (corona postpond) Glasgow InternationalYou’re Never Done – group exhibition with: Adelita Husni-Bey, Gabecare (Rachel Adams, Tessa Lynch), G.O.D.S. (Ashanti Harris, Letitia Pleiades), Winnie Herbstein, Katerina Konarovska, Harriet Rose Morley, Katie Shannon and Tara Marshall-Tierney.


2020 3.7-24.8. Unfair Amsterdam, group expo: Babs Bleeker, Kim David Bots, Inez de Brauw, Erik de Bree. Katrein Breukers, Tim Breukers, Koos Buster, Bonno van Doorn, Afra Eisma, Joost Elschot, Maurice van Es, Willem de Haan, Meinke ten Have, Raquel van Haver, Jan Hoek, Alle Jong, Natalia Jordanova, Marc Philip van Kempen, Sjoerd Knibbeler, Kateřina Konarovská, Rabi Koria, Joost Krijnen, Rens Krikhaar, Vytautas Kumža, Nazif Lopulissa, Sanja Marušić, Lennart de Neef, Janine van Oene, Daan Paans, Pernille Pedersen, Jaya Pelupessy, Lotte Reimann, Thomas van Rijs, Hugo Rocci, Anika Schwarzlose, Gilleam Trapenberg, Thomas Trum, Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch, Thijs Zweers, Anouk van Zwieten.
4-5 2020 The Balcony: The Town Mouse and the Country House expo between Belgium and Den Haag, with me and: Bora Akinciturk w/ Iain Ball, Flaviu Cacoveanu, Arthur Cordier, Pietro Di Corrado, Adele Dipasquale w/ Marco Quadri, Philip Hinge, Julie Kern Donck
2019 1.11. Dapper, Bad Spirits, Good Souls, Amsterdam Centrum, group: blowboi.bonanza + daddy.hands, Anastasia Kiseleva, Katarina Konarovska, Luuk Kuipers, Clara Lezla, Kasper van Moll, Lisa Smithson, Christian Thomsen, Peer Vink Curated by: Laila van Berge
019 11.10-17.11. Koninklijke Prijs voor Schilderkunst, Royal Palace Amsterdam, group:Simone Albers, Leo Arnold, Cian-Yu Bai, Anders Dickson, Ricardo van Eyk, Meg Forsyth, Vera Gulikers, Kateřina Konarovská, Sophie Lee, Machteld Rullens, Erik-Jan van der Schuur, Hedy Tjin, Tom van Veen, Luis Xertu, Dan Zhu.
2019 2.11. Parkour Shaman, De Besturing, solo
2019 9.11.-22.12. Smells like humanity, Gallery De Zaal, Delft, solo
2019 29.11-16.12.  Czech centrum Rotterdam, curator and participating, group: Martin Gabriel, Leonie Schneider, Valentino Russo, Katerina Konarovska, Luis Maly, Roland Spitser 
2019 De School, Patty Morgan expo, Amsterdam, group
2019 Prospects and concepts, Van Nelle Fabric, Art Rotterdam,Rotterdam, Group: Martin Gabriel, Alexandra Martens Serrano, Annemarie Slobbe, Aura Rendon Benger, Bart Kok, Charlott Weise, Evita Vasiljeva, Frank & Michiel Goof Kloosterman, Janina Frye, Jochem van Laarhoven, Joost Elschot, Katerina Konarovska, Katrein Breukers, Klaas Jonkman, Koen Kloosterhuis, Laurent-David Garnier, Liselot Veenendaal, Liza Wolters, Maaike Knibbe, Machteld Rullens, Mike Moonen, Nicola Arthen, Rabi Koria, Roland Spitzer, Roos Cornelius, Vibeke Mascini
2018 Emperor is naked, Holešovická šachta, Prague, Groep: Katerina Sidorova, Debbie Young, Katerina Konarovska
2018 Technology in your bed, Pip Optie B, Den Haag, Duo: Martin Gabriel and me
2018 Full room, Moos space, Den Haag, Groep
2018 textile and magazine infiltration performance in den haag city centrum, Den Haag, Solo
2018 Waiting room, Pavilon gallery, Prague, CZ, Solo,
2017 Misttake textile shop, Moos space, Den Haag, Solo
2017 HEMA city performance –out of gallery project, Den Haag, Solo
2016 Hoogtij42,Noordwal, Den Haag, Duo: Martin Gabriel and Katerina Konarovska
2016 Pop-up exhibition, De Belofte, Kunstlifde, Utrecht, Groep: Ana Oosting, Rabi Koria, Martin Gabriel, Katerina Konarovska. Lard Reen,
2016 Exchanging Intimacies, Organizing+participating on international group expo between 1234 mm gallery in  Prague, CZ Quartair, Den Haag Group of: Vincent Both, Yair Callender, Martin Gabriel, Katerina Konarovska, Bjorn Barendse, Frank Niessen, Stepanka Sigmundova, Filip Dvorak, Jozef Mrva and Rixt de Boer

2019 Parkour Shaman project with parkour, music and my textile performance in Den Haag city centrum
2019 Co-organizing+participation 10 art-band music festival – Itchy tongue festival II, De Besturing
2018 Performance with my Maria band, Worm, Rotterdam worm.org/production/ed-schraders-music-beat-real-farmer/
2017 Co-organizing+participation 12 art-band music festival – Itchy tongue festival I, De Besturing

2012 Dusseldorf, Duitsland I did a half year fool time internship/job in C&A, I learn to design textile in software or hand and produce patterns for several collection in the world.

2018 Misttake magazine, own production, 64 pages a fictive fashion magazine, infiltrated in to city Den Haag. In to waiting room of dentist, hospital, bar, psychiatry. Its supposed to be questioning the normality of the content and values shared in western medias.

1 Stroom Pro Invest
2 Stroom Sport subsidies
Nominated for Koninklijke Prijs voor Vrije Schilderkunst/Royal award for modern painting at Amsterdam Palace
Stroom Kunst project subsidies: Parkour Shaman
1 De Werkbijdrage Jong Talent is bedoeld voor beloftevolle beeldend kunstenaars..Doel is artistieke ontwikkeling en cultureel ondernemerschap te stimuleren zodat werk tot stand komt dat een betekenisvolle bijdrage kan leveren aan de hedendaagse beeldende ku
2 Mondriaan Jong Talen
3 De PRO Invest subsidie is bedoeld om startende kunstenaars in staat te stellen zich verder te ontwikkelen in Den Haag en een bijdrage te leveren aan de Haagse kunstwereld.
4 Stroom Pro Invest
1 Stroom Pro Deo, Niet-financiële ondersteuning van activiteiten die zijn gericht op reflectie, verdieping en dialoog om het individuele kunstenaarschap verder te ontplooien en ontwikkelen of om het kunstprogramma van initiatieven te versterken.

2012 – 2015 Fine art,Den Haag, Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten,Diploma behaald
2007 – 2011 Illustration & Graphic,Institute of Art and Design, University of West Bohemia,Diploma behaald