My work consists from painting, textile, writing lyric and singing. My motivation is the vision that art can help us to live the life with love, let it flow. To see moments like social taboos, emptiness, sickness, anxieties, consume, bad relationships…from distance, expressed by art in bright light of harmony and beauty, provided by nature, ornament, melody or composition.

Painting-  its such an old medium, loaded by historical and religious contexts – I see that almost as an advantage of this language. In this time I find it as a modern way balancing the technology. While painting one needs to focus, slow down and use only pigments and oil to communicate, its quite great way how to react on own history and present and get to my center. I show stories of contemporary ordinary humans, that took my attention, cause they are so great or so bad to me and try to deal with it and grasp it in color.

I use also mainstream forms – like fictive magazine, radio broadcast and textile.
I try to put a sense and a message in to place where we don´t expect  any anymore – its a trap on once perception in such a chill empty form. Than one might question the normality and the emptiness…and its also so funny and interactive way of working.
Specifically – I’m painting own patterns and images for textile that I print on textile. They are hidden in harmony of ornament and superficiality of fashion. One can simply wear it outside to perform for me.
I made fictive magazine with dark stories of several people contribution ( putting like its normal: no money stories, corporations making you crazy,  okej with stealing, cheating save your life, fine unsuccessful life and so on) and my own works. I distributed it in to city public spaces like psychiatry waiting room, bars or hospital waiting room, but also hide it at exhibition bar.
I made fictive 3FM radio broadcast with my band and strange talks.
Or tapestry with shadow activities of unknown humans in reaction on historical tapestries of “important people doing representative “good” stuff”.

Last form is singing in band MARIA that is sometimes part of my installations (radio) and where the texts works in same provoking-accepting flow like the other forms.