My work consists from painting, textile, writing lyric and singing. My motivation is the vision that art can help us to live the life with love. To see unloved moments like social taboos, emptiness, fear, anxieties, consume, no money, bad relationships and so on and on in bright light.

I’m using more forms – painting is an oldest medium and in this time I find it as a modern way against technology, that I like, but is sucking independent life and concentration. In painting I’m back to basic acts, I bring stories, beauty and wake up humus perception that needs your imagination to open up.

Sometimes I use mainstream forms in to which I like to place some more focus and meaningful content: In that sense I’m painting surprising patterns for textile, I made fictive magazine and distributed in to city, radio broadcast with my band or tapestry in reaction on historical use.
Last form is singing in band MARIA that is sometimes part of my installations and where the texts works in same provoking-accepting flow like the other forms.